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    Site Information
Black Ice Pass
78.0     ASR score  
90.0     User score  
Total score = 90% of AP + 10% of UP
How to cancel membership
Visit Support page and follow the instruction
Cross Selling Alert On the bottom of the sign-up page there is a cross selling option selected on "Sign me up for a 1 day membership to for $ 1.00. After 1 day, membership renews automatically at $ 34.99 every 1 month." Uncheck this option to avoid the unwanted charge when joining.

Black Ice Pass

Hot High Definition video action with it Black Chicks sucking DICKS!
Total score =
90% of AP +
10% of UP
78.0     ASR score  
90.0     User score  
How to cancel membership: Visit Support page and follow the instruction
Cross Selling Alert On the bottom of the sign-up page there is a cross selling option selected on "Sign me up for a 1 day membership to for $ 1.00. After 1 day, membership renews automatically at $ 34.99 every 1 month." Uncheck this option to avoid the unwanted charge when joining.
Network    ZTOD Network Flagship Site
Classification    Pay Site
Content Rate    Hardcore
Primary Category    BlackSite Category
2nd Categories    Big butts, Big Cock, Amateur, Model, Feature movie, 1 on 1, Threesome, Group sex, Blowjob, Cumshot, DVD, BBC
3rd Categories    Tits, Butts, Pussies, Fat, Hair colors, Creampie, Cunnilingus, Panties, Lingerie, Stockings, Photography, Mobile, Production
Mobile Website    Available (automatically redirected)Mobile Site
Keywords    busty, big butts, black, big cock, booty, onion butts, ass, big ass, bubble butts
Language    English
Content Media    Movie, Image
Quantity &   
Max Resolution   
movie 1,315 movies, 1920x1080 max
photo 869,000 images, 900x600 max
Exclusive    Yes
File Service    Streaming, Download
Update Period    occasionally
Service Since    10/18/2005
Membership Fee   
& Joining Info   
$1.00/2 days trial, recurring $34.99/1 month
$29.95/1 month, recurring $29.95/1 month
$107.40/1 year, recurring $107.40/1 year
Payment Method    Credit Card, Check, Phone
Billing Company    1. CC Bill   2. Epoch   3. SegPay   

    ASR Official Fact Review of Black Ice Pass
  Website General Info
  • Website Domain:
  • Organic Traffic Ranking: 204,812 global (262,900 in US) as of today
  • Web server routing time: very fast, 37 ms* (tested from Irvine, CA on a 10Mbps broadband ISP line by tracert on Windows 7 OS )
  Network Sites Info Porn +Porn +Porn +Porn +Porn +Porn +Porn +Porn +Porn +Porn -
(Upon joining a network, a single membership pass grants access to all network sites, allowing members to experience a wide variety of content for a single fee.)
  • Network Name: ZTOD
  • Flagship Site: ZTOD Review Visit
  • Number of Network Sites: 4 (Network sites listed below the ASR official review)
  • Network Membership Fee: same as joining a single site
  • Total Scene Number in Network: 7,000 scenes (1,312 from this site)
  • Total Movie Number in Network: 7,000 movies (1,312 from this site)
  • Total Image Number in Network: 869,000 images (172,800 from this site)
  • Total Model Number in Network: 2,280 models (775 from this site)
  Web Design ++++++++++
  • Website Graphics: The website showcases meticulous professional graphic design harmoniously intertwined with captivating art photos, resulting in a visually striking online presence that exudes sophistication and creativity.
  • Website Structure: The website adopts a streamlined single-level menu structure, facilitating effortless navigation through clear and intuitive pathways, enhancing user experience and accessibility.
  • Website Scripts: The website incorporates a subset of useful functions and services through script programs, but experiences sluggish page loading likely due to inefficient script execution or resource allocation strategies.
  Mobile Compatibility & SNS +++++++++-
  • Mobile Website: Available
  • Compatible Mobile Devices: iphone, ipad, ipod, android phone, android tablets, Windows phone
  • SNS Page: Not available
  Service Info ++++++++--
    SITES menu is just a list of network site links, SCENES is the listing of the scenes in the order of date, rate, most viewed or coming soon movie galleries and photo galleries, DVDS is the thumbnail listing of DVD titles, NICHES is the mune of niche listing, PORNSTARS is the thumbnail listing of models with the filter of model's name, scene count, most viewed, rate, coming soon, most commented, most favorited and date, FAVORITES is for member's favorite page bookmark, and ACCOUNT is for member's profile.
  • Update Content: The scenes were continuously updated until 08-25-2011, however there is no updating after then.
  • Last Update Made: 2 years ago
  • Customer Support Available: message submission, 3rd party agent information, FAQ or support information only without contact information
  Scene and Model Info of Movies & Photos +++++++++-
  • Nasty Level: general hardcore
  • Percentage of Scenes: Hardcore 100%
  • Total Number of Scenes: 1,312 scenes
  • Shooting Places of Scenes: indoor, outdoor, studio, residential house, work place, sports place
  • Scene Background & Shooting Sets: professional shooting sets and background setup for the scene
  • Actions in Scenes: solo, 1 on 1, threesome, group sex, gangbang, fetish, anal sex, oral sex, DP, creampie, deep throat, facial cumshot, cum drinking, sex toy, gaping, pervert, POV
  • Model Makeup, Costume & Props: good fashion designed clothing and lingeries, basic makeup and some props
  • Total Number of Models: 775
  • Profile Information of Models: unavailable
  • Profession of Models: professional actor/actress, amateur, new face actor/actress
  • Race of Models: black
  • Body Types of Models: big buttocks, general bodies
  • Breasts Size of Models: big, all sizes of breasts
  • Ages of Models: 20-24, 25-29, 30-39 * (guessed from their appearance)
  • Race of Male Model: white, black
  • Cock Size of Male Model: big, monster
  Movie Content Info ++++++++++
  • Total Number of Movies: 1,312
  • Movie Update Since: 10/18/2005
  • Average Length of Movies: 25 min
  • Average File Size of Max Resolution Movies: 1,500 MBytes
  • HD Format Availability: 1080p and 720p (50% in HD out of the total movies)
  • Resolutions of Movies: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360 or 720x540, 480x360, 320x240
  • Movie File Formats: WMV, MP4
  • Picture Quality of Movies: very clear
  • Cinematography: professional feature movie directing and filming technics
  • Movie Scenario: adlib acting in a situation
  • Spoken Language in Movies: English
  Streaming Service Info ++++++++++
  • Media Streaming Method: Media Streaming Server
  • Quality of Streaming Movies: very good
  • Screen Size of Streaming: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360
  • Full Screen Option Available: Yes
  • Buffering: fast
  • Jumping To Scenes With Slidebar: Yes
  Image Content Info +++++++---
  • Total Number of Image Galleries: 864
  • Average Image Number In A Gallery: 200
  • Total Number of Images: 172,800
  • Image Update Since: 10/18/2005
  • Resolutions of Images: 900x600
  • Image File Format: JPG
  • Image Watermark: Small logo on the corner
  • Image Thumbnail Availability: Yes
  • Image Slideshow Availability: No
  • Picture Quality of Images: very clear
  • Photography of Photos: professional photography
  Content Download Service ++++++++++
  • Movie Download Availability: Yes
  • Image Download Availability: Yes
  • Downloadable Movie Resolutions: 1920x1080, 1280x720, 640x360 or 720x540, 480x360, 320x240
  • Full Movie Download: Yes
  • Image Zipped File Download: Yes
  • Downloadable Image Resolutions: 900x600
  • Download Speed: 11.46 MB/s - Fair: taking 1 min 27 sec to download a file of 1 GB* (evaluated as downloading on 100Mbps broadband line using Google Chrome. Google Chrome is copyrighted by Google.)
  • Download Quota: unlimited
  • Download Manager Compatibility: working good * (tested with Free Download Manager which is copyrighted by
  • Maximum Simultaneous Connectons: 20
  - Reviewed on 11/5/2013 ASR Fact Review Ver. 3.02

[Old Review]

Life is all about variety. You want to have a little bit of everything or the great things you have seem stale and boring. What is salt without pepper? What is are vanilla doughnuts with out the tangy goodness of a chocolate doughnut? How can you appreciate the Sunrise if you don't have a little bit of rain? Black Ice is that touch of Variety.

Black ICE is just could just as easily be called Black ASS! There is tons of tons of hot black ass all over the site. The women are hot, the action is ice cold and best of all the Site is spectacular. There is more black ass here than at a Hatian Donkey convention! Seriously viewers, Black Ice will definitely help you fulfill your affirmative action quota! If you can't cum by hanging out on this site then you should have your genitals sent to UPS and see what the hell brown could do for you.

Let me tell you, Make sure that while you're on the site you check out this video starring Pinky. Actually, you should check out ANY video starring Pinky! Great GOOGA MOOGA! She's has one of the greatest asses you'll ever see. And oh my fucking gosh, she is the DEFINITION of BABE. Seriously, there are a few videos where she oils up that Kadonka-Donk and you'll be oiling yourself up. If you don't get a raging boner looking at her then you should check into a fat kid camp and have them check your cholesterol levels.

Lets talk about Formats a little bit here. See, Black Ice is a Video On Demand website. So how they get you the porn is of UTMOST importance. They are fucking AWESOME in that regard. Whatever format you want the videos its available to you. Now admittedly some of the older videos aren't gonna have all the bells and whistles like HD or Flash Streaming (there is a matter of THE TECHNOLOGY hadn't been invented yet!) But all of their newer tittles gives you the chance to beat your meat or blast your twat no matter what you're using to view it. Lets run through it. HD movies are available to stream in MP4 720p and 360p. They're available to download in MP4 1080p, 720p, and 360p. Your non HD streaming options are WMV High Res, Flash High Res and Low res. Then you can download the flicks in AVI, WMV, or iPod/iPhone mp4.

Now as was said before, this is a VIDEO on Demand site so Videos are the Main Focus. But for those of you that love to look at still images or want to save some snatch to grace your wall paper at the office, don't fret they've got great shots for you as well. All photos are professional still shot at a high resolution. The site allows you to either flip through the slide show that is embedded on the page or to download the packet of photos from the shoot in one giant zip file.

Okay. Now you've got Videos. You've got Photos. And you're probably wondering where the fuck and can you run to and sign up. But, wait THERE'S MORE!!! Black Ice is also going to give you access to their sister sites ZTOD and Third Degree!!!! OMFG (Oh My Fucking Gosh!) That's three fucking video sites for the price of ONE.

Overall, Black Ice is a top notch, Kick Ass, Video site that will bring out the porn lover in you. They've got all of the major video formats covered. They have fucking awesome video content. Black Ice is so awesome it'll make you travel back in time to kiss Lincoln for freeing the slaves.
DESIGN    10 /10
QUALITY    40 /50
QUANTITY    20 /30
SERVICE    4 /5
PRICE    4 /5
ASR score Total    78.0

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Network Sites List
  • Black Ice Pass
  • How To Kiss A Girl
  • Third Degree Movies
  • ZTOD

  •   ASR Official Scores
    DESIGN    10 /10 (for web design, scripts, graphic, navigation, user interface, etc)
    QUALITY    40 /50 (for quality of video & photo, model, props, background, etc)
    QUANTITY    20 /30 (for quantity of contents and service)
    SERVICE    4 /5 (for update, customer support, FAQ, etc))
    PRICE    4 /5 (for comparative price, billing, corss-sale, refund, etc)
    ASR score Total    78.0 (Design + Quality + Quantity + Service + Price)

        Network Sites - Total 4 sites (below 4 sites linked in ASR)
    1 Price Sign up = Access All 4 Sites
        Site's Self Introduction
    Welcome to the official home of the BlackIce studios. is the maker of the finest ebony hardcore content and your pass gets you access to ALL of it!
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        User Review and Comment
    User score Total 90.0 User Review
     Lode Miller
    I like to watch a huge monster cock sticking in a fatty black pussy... good site.. 

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